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The TECC offers many exciting and educational activities for both daytrips and overnight stays. Several Restaurants offer Thai and European food, and several gift shops sell souvenirs, handicrafts and elephant paintings.


Our 40 minute Show is the highlight for most visitors, featuring traditional logging techniques but also showing elephants painting pictures, making music, demonstrating agility, and more. There are three shows a day: 10 am, 11 am, and 1:30 pm. Bathing (9:40 am, 1:10 pm) synchronizes with shows because the performers have their aquatic fun just before the first and last shows.

Other activities happen all day long, or at least until 3:30 pm when the elephants are taken into the forest for the night. A Hospital Visit is best early in the morning because that it when most treatments are done. Calves, in a nursery area between the bathing pond and the hospital, arrive early in the morning. Elephant Rides are fun anytime of day but most pleasant in the cool of the morning. The Dung Paper factory is open all day long.

Both Trekking and Homestay offer one-day programs but they must be booked in advance, just like overnight programs.


Two overnight options are available for individuals and small groups wanting a one-to-one experience with 'their own' elephant. (Many repeat visitors ask for the same elephant year after year.) Homestay has One-, Two-, and Three-day programs which assign each guest with a carefully selected elephant to learn how to handle and care for. (On graduation day most guests perform in the show.) Nights are spent relaxing or hanging out with mahouts and their families. Trekking programs are very similar with two crucial differences: they happen in the quiet atmosphere of the Mahout Training School and much longer packages can be arranged, even up to a month. Trekking programs put more emphasis on the mahout's way of life and the details of elephant-keeping. Some trekking programs involve camping out in the forest with mahouts and elephants. Group tours can be arranged.

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