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Heartbreaking story of Nina...

Nina is baby elephant who came along with her mother from private camp in Chiang Mai as her mother got constipation and she needed urgent help from the vet at Elephant Hospital.. Sadly Nina's mother just died on the night of October 18. Our vet had tried very hard to help Nina's mother, but it's more than our vet 's offort to bring back that elephant's life as constipation is regarded as surious problem to cause many elephant died in the past..

Constipation might be caused by many factor, but the most factor is grasses, the elephant owner should bring their elephant to eat in the forest to change the foods for the beloved elephant.. The owner of elephant should pay more attention on what the elephants eat as constipation can make elephant died within one or two day.. so what the elephant owner should observe constipation sign of elephant such as the elephant's belly is bigger than usual, the elephant does not flap their ears or trunk and standing lifeless.. They should call the vet immediately to ask for help..

The solution to solve the constipation problem on elephant must be from the elephant owner's attention on elephant health care..


Just updated some pictures from Ayuthaya elephant camp..

Thai Elephant Conservation Center has sent two big trucks and medical stuff to help the elephants in the flooded area in Ayuthaya Elephant Camp. ภาพ1.jpg
Due to worst flooding in the central of Thailand causes Ayuthaya Elephant Camp needs food supply for their 70 elephants, so Thai Elephant Conservation Center has sent the vet and foods to help them. For further information we will update it later..
Boon Long is wild baby elephant was floated along the river in Lei Province and get lost from his mother and herd.. The forest officers found this baby elephant and took him to Phu Laung Elephant Fodder Rehabilitation Center.

Recently Boon Long was moved to Elephant Hospital of Thai Elephant Conservation Center located in Lampang Province for our vet to look after him and he found adopting mother " Pang Poom Paung"  for further information, we will update on the website soon.. IMG_1578.JPG