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The legend of Thailand 3-5 February 2012

The Forest Industry Organization and Lampang Province proudly hold: The Great Legend of Thai Elephant

February 3rd – 5th 2011 at Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Hang Chat, Lampang


-.  Amazing Light & Sound Show

-.  Elephant and flower parade contest

-. Flower and flora contest

-. Exhibition and OTOP product

-. Traditional Thai Market


Dr. Amnauy Commemoration Day January 14..

This pictures were taken  on Saturday during Dr. Amnauy Korwanich's commemeration day on January 14..

Dr. Amnauy Korwanich is one of the most important person for the Forest Industry Organization and especially for the Thai Elephant Conservation Center as he founded the World first Young Elephant Training School in Pang Lah Village in 1969  which is now the Elephant Rehabilitation Center where we keeps old, retired and disabled elephants and it is regarded as the final home of elephant in Thailand..

The Young Elephant Training School played very important roles in saving a lot of baby elephants in the past as there were many baby elephants were died as they might be bitten by poinsonous snake or fail on the cliff while their mothers were working in logging industry so the Young Elephant Training School was really help  to save many elephant in the past..

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