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The Thai Elephant Conservation Center's Chang Thai Resort, nestled in a beautiful and quiet valley, has twenty rustic but comfortable bungalows, each with a verandah and a central social area. Sixteen bungalows have one bedroom, and four have two bedrooms. All units have a Western-style bathroom and hot water. A large restaurant provides truly excellent Thai food. The Resort can host individual visitors, but it is best suited to receive groups.

Homestay Accommodation is the rustic but comfortable housing for participants in the Homestay program. Three large bungalows with two bedrooms place guests at the very heart of the TECC.

The Roadside Park at the main entrance (just off the highway) has simple, inexpensive restaurants and fresh coffee. Several well-stocked gift shops offer local Thai clothing and handicrafts, some made at the TECC. An information center can answer visitors' questions, and a visitors' center has interesting information on Thai elephants. The Roadside Park is a good meeting place before entering the TECC proper.

The TECC has a wide variety of Restaurants. The Roadside Park has three restaurants serving good, cheap, and totally authentic Thai food. Khrua Chang Thai near the interior parking lot offers fine coffee and a good selection of both Thai and European food. The Chang Thai Resort has a large restaurant, the Ayora, offering excellent Thai food not just for its guests but also catered meals for large groups.

Trekking, located at the Mahout Training School, has 12 elephants and small rooms for 16 students (32 if they double up). Trekking offers regular programs of various lengths and can tailor programs for special needs. The school's programs are similar to Homestay but far more flexible and intensive.

Thung Kwian Plantation, a very large teak plantation, has a core area with a vast lawn, an arboretum and facilities for camping for large groups. Thung Kwian is very popular with the local Thai community, especially on weekends, and it regularly hosts events such as mountain bike competitions.

The Forest Industry Organization has several Plantation Resorts. All situated in working sustainable tree plantations, these secluded and quiet resorts have comfortable accommodations close to beautiful nature, offering excellent walks, good bird watching and more.

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