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With its very popular Homestay program, the Thai Elephant Conservation Center was the first elephant camp in Thailand to put tourists on the neck of an elephant and teach them the basics of riding an elephant: control techniques, command words, mounting and dismounting, steering, and more. Homestay has its own twelve safe and gentle elephants, all performers in the daily show. (The number of elephants limits the number of guests to twelve.) All programs provide meals, bottled water, a free suit of Northern Thai denim mahout clothing (baggy, long trousers are best riding an elephant), and a certificate.

There are four available programs:

The One-day Homestay Program (4,000 baht) begins with instruction from English-speaking staff, then riding your elephant, visiting the dung paper factory and hospital, lunch, bathing, watching the show, and more riding, including taking the elephant back to the forest.

The Two-day Homestay Program (6,300 baht), with one night's accommodation, offers the same activities but includes more intensive training, bathing your elephant in the pond, and actually participating in the show. The second morning you go to fetch the elephant from the forest.

The Three-day Homestay Program (9,000 baht), with two night's accommodation, is similar to the two-day program but you have much more time to enjoy it!

The Special Homestay Program (10,000 baht), available to only six guests, is the same as the three-day program except that on one morning guests go to meet their elephant in the forest, spending the day with it, riding and walking alongside it as it feeds. The highpoint is bathing the elephant in a large lake.

See Homestay Accommodation for details on housing and food.

Be sure to book early so as to avoid disappointment, as Homestay is often fully booked far in advance. Also be aware that because of scheduling conflicts, not all programs are available at all times.

Activities at Thai Elephant Conservation Center

All mahout training courses are suitable for following qualification of tourist:

1. The tourist who has strong and healthy physical body condition

2. The tourist who is not disabled

3. Tourist who has the weigh below 110 Kiligrams or 242 pounds

4. The tourist who does not has heart disease or Parkinson

5. The tourist who is between 6 – 65 years old

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