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Excellent Thai food, and even some Western food, can be found at three different places at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Hungry visitors have a wide range of choices.

The Khrua Chang Thai Restaurant ("Thai Elephant Kitchen") is conveniently located right next to the central parking lot and the depot for the shuttle bus. Khrua Chang Thai serves fine coffee, including espresso and the like, and fresh fruit juices on a pretty patio where elephants might walk by at any moment. Some Western food is available, mainly sandwiches and breakfast, and most of the Thai food has been 'toned down' to suit foreign tastes. Lovers of spicy food will not be disappointed, however, as the menu includes numerous fiery offerings. A good selection of vegetarian dishes is available.

Reservations are possible for groups, as is special catering. Call 081-027-3143

The Roadside Park has three restaurants which offer mostly the Thai 'street food' so loved by international gourmets: fried rice, phat thai, phat kraphao, papaya salad, barbecued chicken, noodles, and other favorites. Being inexpensive, these shops are much visited by the TECC's own staff. There are also two places offering good coffee, Coffee Blue, a shop with seating and also a takeaway stall. The casual atmosphere, large lawn and big trees make eating at the Roadside Park a most relaxing experience.

The Ayora Restaurant, located at the Chang Thai Resort, has the TECC's best traditional Thai cuisine, mostly Central Thai though Northern offerings are available. (The location is, however, inconvenient for visitors without their own transportation.) The Ayora is much appreciated by guests at the resort and by large visiting groups. Special menus are easily arranged in advance for large parties.

For reservations, call 089-634-6341 or write

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