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The TECC presents three shows daily, at 10:00 am, 11 am, and 1:30 pm. Each show lasts 40 minutes and features about 15 elephants, ranging from 40-year olds to 3-year old calves just out of training.

The central theme of the show demonstrates traditional logging techniques that were widely practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years until logging was banned in 1989. A healthy elephant can drag about one half of its body weight, so the display exhibits the animals' strength but also their great delicacy and finesse, particularly when stacking logs with great precision.

Beyond showcasing the elephants' prowess, logging demonstrations illustrate the incredible ability of the mahouts to control their elephants, using a subtle mix of voice commands (most elephants understand about 35-40 commands), body movements, and 'touch' points. The show also demonstrates the elephant's agility and their ability to do complex behaviors on their own.

The show also demonstrates the artistic side of elephants. They play a variety of musical instruments during the show, most having played in the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Nine elephants can make paintings, both abstract and realistic (trees, flowers and even other elephants). TECC elephants were the first in Thailand to paint in 1997. The paintings done during the show can be purchased after the performance. A small gallery on the way to the exit gate sells paintings with a wide variety of choice.

Guests in our Homestay program use the show ground to practice before and after performances, so if you see anybody who is obviously a student, stop and have a chat.

Elephant show fee

Children under 135 Centimetres 100 Baht

Adult 200 Baht

Elephant riding fee

1/2 hours 500 Baht ( per one elephant for two person )

one hour 1,000 Baht ( per one elephant for two person )

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