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As Thailand's only government-owned elephant camp, the TECC promotes affordability and accessibility. The admission price is only 200 baht for adults ) and 100 baht for children. Being often visited by Thai families and schoolchildren, the TECC's foreign guests never feel caught on the tourist trail. Guidebooks consistently praise the TECC for its relaxed, non-commercial atmosphere.

The TECC offers many enjoyable Activities. Day trip "musts" include watching elephant bathing, the elephant show and a visit to see our baby elephants. Most guests take an elephant-back ride and tour our hospital. Overnight activities include our popular Homestay program and trekking in the forest.

Active in Conservation, the TECC operates an onsite Hospital and manages Thailand's first mobile clinic, treating needy elephants free of charge. The TECC has an excellent natural breeding rate, usually producing at least two baby elephants a year.

The TECC has also done cutting-edge research in Science, especially in reproduction and artificial insemination as well as major studies in the biomechanics of how elephants move ("locomotion").

The TECC has broken new ground in Arts & Culture. It was the first place in Thailand where elephants learned painting. It is also the home of the internationally famous Thai Elephant Orchestra.

The TECC is operated by the Forest Industry Organization, a State Enterprise of the government of Thailand. It houses the National Elephant Institute of Thailand, a center of learning which shares its vast library and trained specialists with other agencies and organizations working to help the country's 2,700 domesticated elephants.

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