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The Thai Elephant Conservation Center has a very active breeding program, and thus it usually has two or three baby elephants, called 'calves', under the age of three, the age at which elephants are traditionally weaned. (Most of our breeding bulls are ride elephants, but one 'young Jo Jo' is a very handsome and gentle tuskless bull who performs in our shows.) Visitors can see our calves at the nursery on a small plateau area above the dam and just before the Hospital.

The TECC boasts the first elephant calf ever born of Artificial Insemination outside of Europe or North America. This calf has since been adopted by HM King Bhumibol, who graciously named him the royal name Phlai Somphob, though at the TECC he is affectionately nicknamed "A.I." even in Thai language. He has now gone through training and performs in the daily shows. A.I.'s conception and birth was possible only because of our hospital's great expertise in Reproduction.

If you make a Hospital Visit there is a very good chance you will see one or more weak and frail calves. These calves are often orphans sent to us by private owners so that they can be carefully watched over by expert caring veterinarians. Once healthy enough, these calves are usually moved to the nursery.

In line with its conservation outreach goals, the TECC runs a program to take in and train the calves of private owners. This service is much appreciated as the TECC has not only the most skilful but the most humane, gentlest training techniques in all of Thailand. All calves trained at the TECC leave the program as happy, well-adjusted animals.

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